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The Legend

of the horse

The chosen ones are changed into unicorns by Pegasus to help the Earth in several ways, there is the earth unicorns which helps with nature, the day unicorns who deal with the sun and the night unicorns who look after the night and stars. They are extra special as they still have magic through their amazing horns. 

This story will follow a mother and her son through a journey to create a miracle that will change their world as they know it!

Sadie Chapman



Your Guide To Better Health

We can live over 100 years because our body cells are constantly replacing themselves. For instance, the hair and the nails continually regrow. Around every seven years, all the cells in the body are replaced. At the beginning, everyone is balanced, but over time, due to accidental injuries or improper movements, parts of the body become distorted. An unbalanced body is then developed. Then, all muscle coordination is working for the distorted body.


What Joseph does in his treatment is to help the patient to unlock the distorted parts, and to show them how to do movements with the correct muscles to regain a balanced body. Thereafter, the patient will regain proper muscle coordination on both sides of the body. During the treatment period, body cell replacement continues, and these new generation cells will work better in a balanced structure. The whole body will then be supported by new generation cells with proper muscle coordination. If the body cannot generate new cells to replace old problem cells, the bodycannot be fixed from distortion.

Ann Moir-Bussy


My Life: Escape from Communism

Richard O. Rafanovic, an engineering management consultant, is also a registered engineer in California, North Carolina, and previously, in Rhode Island. He has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Berkley, a master's degree in business from the University of Southern California, is a member of the American Water Works Association, and a fellow of the American Society of Engineers. He lived and worked in California, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and overseas as a consultant and as an engineering manager for various municipalities. He was born in Europe, formerly Czechoslovakia, and came to the US as a young man.

Richard O. Rafanovic


High Riding Heart

Red pasture

Book One

The "Code of the Cowboy" and ranch life is generations deep in ethics and mores. The ranch families of today are torn between the past and a future they are unable dissuade. Red Pasture Sara married her best friend, Samuel; she is a woman of fortitude yet beholding to the love of her family. When faced with the greatest test of that love, she is compelled to challenge the past to save the future of the family and people she loves. Russell Barnes is a lone man, bearing the legacy of his father. A fateful ride offers him opportunity to decide his future. The entanglements with the community that has berated him become his means to gain acceptance and win the heart of the woman he loves. Confrontations with John Moore, patriarch to the ranch, escalate when Russell's past secrets are revealed. Michael, John's beloved grandson, gives him cause to reconsider when the truth is finally revealed.

Kathryn Bartow


High Riding Heart

blaze of change

Book Two

The old scars of the murder of Wes Grant reopen as Cecilia Lang, the Carnon Detective turned rogue during the trial is released from incarceration and seeking to exact revenge against the Moore family. The Moore and barned family, Sara Moore Barnes, Russel Barnes, John Moore, Mary Moore, and Michael Moore, continue the hard work to carry on the legacy of the Moore Ranch, completely unaware of the murderous plot that Cecilia has put into action. When the Red Pasture is threatened by a blazing fire that has spread from the Anglin Pass area, the AMIGOS, composed of Brent Thomms, Charles Hunter, and Michael Moore, the new generation of cowboys, are about to face the greatest challenge of their lives. They must defy all odds to save the foundation of the ranch and ensure the safety of their families and the women they love. An old feud resurfaces and creates a divide among the horse-breeding ranch families including the Sandersons and the Prampts with the Moores unknowingly caught in the cross-hairs. The conflict escalates quickly, leaving traces of blood and a dead body. After an unexpected arrest is made, Chief Kent Harrison and the Brandon Police Force undertake the investigation. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to take shape, the real motive of the murder is uncovered laced with insatiable greed, family betrayal, undaunted jealousies and a most unexpected attraction. Having tested the strength of love through an alluring big city career opportunity, an unexpected twist of fate presents opportunity to return to Brandon. Can her love be saved despite the changes brought by time? Will she still be the woman he loves?

Faith, family, hope... Ranch life and the Cowboy Code. The one true thing that matters the most is revealed in the end.

let my love speak to you

A poetry collection which speaks of love…
​Let My Love Speak to You sends a message of gratitude of the knowledge of experience that blossoms in author Earnestine Smart’s life, bringing forth beauty which she has received through knowing and experiencing a higher power through Jesus Christ. These poems of love take you on a journey over land and sea, allowing you to visualize the landscape it presents. It is the author’s hope that this experience will radiate the course you are taking.​ Let My Love Speak To You presents moments that will never be forgotten; memories with love and admiration from that which is given to the author, presented to penetrate your hearts with gladness.

Earnestine Smart


from the power

of my pen

Words of Inspiration from the Power of My Pen, is a collection of poetry as an inspiration to our daily lives. It expresses to the reader through love, memory, sorrow, grief, and joy. As emotions are felt embrace it, so the message may find its way into your life. The inspiration and warmth of its understanding and forgiveness will soothe feelings of betrayal. The words will help to heal old wounds so deeply felt by penetrating the heart with happiness. As if you were holding a rosebud as the petals unfold to release its hidden beauty. The power of my pen gives birth to a new dimension of the soul.



"Breanna is a beautiful dancer, singer, and actress. However, she doesn’t have the support of the two people she loves the most: her parents. Together with the help of her friend Amber and her pet Bunny, she tries to achieve her dream to be a star. Amber wants to convince her parents to leave an acting career to be in the Olympics. Will they be able to convince their parents? Will Breanna win the part in the Broadway show? Will Breanna's parents let her keep the part if she wins?"

Sabrina DePina Graham


Layla bali

A Rainbow in the Dark

Layla Bali is an eleven year-old girl who sees things that others don’t. She knows that there are unexplained dangers in this world. When Layla’s dog, Molly, goes missing, Layla’s search for her leads her into strange new lands. Layla awakens to a noise in the middle of the night and meets Jasmine, a black cat from the land of Baismal. Layla can speak to Jasmine, and the two are transported to Baismal through a staircase of fire. Malkolm, the evil ruler of Baismal, kidnapped Molly. He wants revenge for the death of his family, but he does not know his family’s true fate. Layla and Jasmine must save Molly and end Malkolm’s reign of terror. When Layla accidentally transforms Jasmine from a housecat into a great black panther, she discovers that her words have magical power. Jasmine and Layla meet friends and enemies in their search for Molly, but many of the people Layla meets look like people she knew at home in the Middle Land. Even Kaleb, an attractive boy her age, looks very much like the boy she likes back home. Kaleb accompanies Layla and Jasmine as they continue their journey.

Lisa Zarkin McHugh


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