Ever wonder how you could reach a broad audience with the highlights of your book with a professional produced snapshot of your book?

Stonewall’s audio trailer service will provide you the opportunity yo have your title featured in a professional produced 30 second trailer. You’ll have the chance to review the script ad make changes if desired. Once the script is approved, we produce the final piece and broadcast on more than 300 radio stations across the United States.

A Radio Interview & Trailer for your Book

    Radio is one of the biggest form of audio media entertainment in the whole world. A lot people listen to radios daily, such as when jogging or driving. Listeners usually develop strong relationships with their favorite stations, identifying with the music and bonding with on-air personalities.

When reaching out or promoting something, being on the radio really grabs the attention of listeners. Since radio interviews covers topics that are considered a trend or a part of a creative project, being part of this opportunity would really give creators and authors a big leap in their career and goals. 

About the Company

We are a marketing and publishing firm with a singular focus on visionary authors, artists, and readers. What they create and gravitate toward defines our mission. We believe that meaningful exchanges and growth can happen through proximity, which is why we put emphasis on building relationships with the people that we serve and the people providing the service. We bring global experience and expertise to clients who have the vision to inspire more people and connect with a larger audience by growing their content distribution and information platforms.

42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

Contact us:  1 844 542 1198

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