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Building and investing in your presence is the best thing you can do for your audience. Not only does it increase accessibility to you, as an author, but it can also be an avenue for them to experience you on a personal level and your work first hand. Consider it as your very own storefront where you can entertain your customers, walk them through your pieces, recommend your top pick, and share your passion and interests—all these and more but only digital. The returns for investing online are immeasurable as it grows over time while bringing you closer to your target readers, publishers, rights buyers, and agents.

There’s no need to chase. Let them come to you. The important thing is you give them that option. Good old fashion flyers and brochures, in print or digital format, will do the legwork for you. Whether you want to mail them out or distribute them with a single click, you can spread your word easily and have them shared effectively. What makes ours better is that we use collateral’s to reflect your unique personality with a room full of experts to guide you through.

Visibility is what makes or breaks any form of business. It’s absolutely essential. As you are part of the showbiz of creativity, being under the limelight is inevitable. Preparation is the key to publicity. For the law of attraction to kick in, you need to do a thoughtful consideration on what your work means to your audience. By doing this, it will be easier for you to decide on which event you need to be in. Events can let you shake the hands of your readers and personally thank them for the support they’ve given. No amount of money can pay for that kind of experience. When done right, it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

More than 700,000 entries submitted through FilmFreeway have been chosen as Official Selections by the world’s leading film festivals. Yours could be next.

Over 7,000 of the world’s best film festivals and contests, including 81 Academy Award / BAFTA Award accredited festivals, use FilmFreeway to reach over 800,000 filmmakers and artists worldwide.


Share your stories the old-fashioned way. This basic-but-bold package has everything you need—from ISBN and copyright registration to overall design, including a choice from our various add-on services—for you to stay worry-free in your publishing journey.

Do you see your own picture book in your mind? Let your imagination roar! Children’s books, cookbooks, or graphic novels—anything can come alive with the numerous illustrations and design ideas handpicked by our graphic designers or by you.

Choose your vibe. No matter what genre you are into, you’ll have a spot in us. Splurge on your literary freedom in a pool of genres, and find your perfect fit through our specialized support.

Keep up with the digital age without the hassle. From publication to online distribution, you have our unwavering support. We give you the ability to go paperless and still spread your stories throughout the world.

Avoid the tedious task of polishing your work with the help of our editorial team. Be braver with a spotless manuscript.

Reach out to your readers with your personal touch. Step up by your choice of add-ons and take control on the development of your work completely.


Special Opportunities! 
  • Special and limited programs available for authors worldwide. (Book promotions, publishing etc.)

  • Seasonal and special holiday discounts and promos! 


World Within A Book

A book has a world of it’s own living inside it’s pages. By creating a Video Teaser about the book, this will  create a new horizon presenting a universe that will entice people into reading and exploring a book’s contents.

About the Company

We are a marketing and publishing firm with a singular focus on visionary authors, artists, and readers. What they create and gravitate toward defines our mission. We believe that meaningful exchanges and growth can happen through proximity, which is why we put emphasis on building relationships with the people that we serve and the people providing the service. We bring global experience and expertise to clients who have the vision to inspire more people and connect with a larger audience by growing their content distribution and information platforms.

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