Podcast listening has exploded. It is the fastest growing form of audio entertainment. Podcasts are informal and friendly. For this service, you and your book will be featured in a 12-15 minute radio interview conducted via phone or SKYPE, and archived online for six months. Tell your story and then share your passion about your book in a segment featured on WebtalkRadio.net, a popular talk radio portal and one of the best in the podcast industry, and on iTunes, and other Podcast aggregators.


About the Company

We are a marketing and publishing firm with a singular focus on visionary authors, artists, and readers. What they create and gravitate toward defines our mission. We believe that meaningful exchanges and growth can happen through proximity, which is why we put emphasis on building relationships with the people that we serve and the people providing the service. We bring global experience and expertise to clients who have the vision to inspire more people and connect with a larger audience by growing their content distribution and information platforms.

42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

Contact us:  1 844 542 1198

E-mail Us: info@boxofficebrand.com

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